website: Floorplanner

Ma Maison Example
When you are finished with your house, follow these important steps:
  • Create a new page on the wiki by clicking on the plus sign next to Pages and Files
  • Name your page. Example - La maison de Pierre
  • IMPORTANT - You must tag your page - Ma maison
  • Click create
  • To post your floor plan to the wiki, go back to and in the upper left side of the page click on my dashboard. Then click on recent projects. Next to your project, click on the actions button and select get embed code. Highlight the code and copy it (control c). Make sure you copy the entire code! You may need to expand the box.
  • In the edit mode of your wiki page, select widget. Next, select other (bottom right side of the list), paste the embed code in the box, and click save.

Accent Codes
Alt 0224 - à
Alt 0232 - è
Alt 0233 - é
Alt 0244 - ô